Open Competition

Open Competitions are a regular feature of camera club life as this is where members get the opportunity to show their images and receive useful critique along with a mark from the invited Judge. The marks are recorded during the year and used as the basis for year-end awards. The marks are also used in the selection process when the club committee is choosing images for inter-club competitions. We have a competition section for beginners so please make this clear on your entry form when you hand in your images.

All members are eligible to enter up to 2 prints and 3 digital images for each competition.


Prints can be colour or monochrome of any size up to a maximum of 50cm x 40cm (20" x 16") portrait or landscape. They should be mounted on some form of mount-board to keep them stable for display. The mounting itself is not normally judged so simply gluing the photo onto a plain mount board is perfectly adequate. Prints should be submitted on the evening of the competition along with the entry form you will find at the bottom of this page. We ask you to arrive at least 15 minutes early to give the Competition Secretary sufficient time to log the entries.

Digital Projected Images (DPIs)

These are digital images that are submitted as files for projection and are particularly useful if you don't have printing facilities. You will find a video tutorial HERE that shows you how to prepare images for submission. We also have further details of the required format in the document at the bottom of this page. The images must be JPEGs with an sRGB profile and sized to fit within 1600 x 1200 pixels. It is also helpful for us if you title the images in the correct format as per the following example:

Mike Richards_Happy Days_NA

As you can see, the first part is the author's name followed by an underscore. Then comes the image title followed by another underscore and the letters NA.

Please don't include punctuation in the image title as it confuses the software we use for presentation!

NB: Images must be emailed to Trevor one week prior to the competition date.

Print and DPI Entry Form

Digital Entry Instructions