Videos and Tutorials

Here you will find a collection of videos and tutorials designed to provide a helping hand to club members. If you would like to see any other tutorials included please contact Mike Richards on any club night.

Viewing YouTube Videos

The YouTube videos are best viewed in full screen mode. To activate this, just click the square bracket symbol at the bottom right of the video screen. To exit the full-screen mode, press the Escape key.

Preparing Images for Digital Projection Competitions

Using Photoshop Elements 12

Here is a PDF tutorial explaining how to convert your images so they are ready for projection in our competitions. CLICK FOR PDF

Opening JPEG images in Adobe Camera Raw

By opening JPEG images in Camera Raw you get access to a set of very powerful but easy to use adjustment tools that are excellent for tidying-up your images before you start serious work in Photoshop or Elements. I'll provide some Camera Raw tips later but this video shows you two ways to open JPEGs in Camera Raw.


Preparing and Saving Images for Digital Projection Competitions

This video shows you how to make use of Adobe's image processing engine to quickly save multiple images in the correct format for use in club competitions.



by Andy Hill

Here you'll find Andy's comprehensive video tutorials and a PDF fact sheet:

Lightroom with Andy Hill Part 1 Principles and Library Module

Lightroom with Andy Hill Part 2 - Develop Module

Lightroom & Photoshop Tips and Tricks (13/10/20)

Lightroom & Photoshop Tips and Tricks PDF (13/10/20)

Our thanks to Andy for all his hard work in compiling these tutorials.

Rob Barron Tutorials

Rob has some excellent tutorials on his site that are well worth a look. Rob has a very friendly presentation style and covers lots of the basic information very well. Here's the link: