Arne Nature Reserve

Directions:- Make your way towards Wareham and follow the A351 to a roundabout by Wareham Railway Station, Take the first exit through the centre of Wareham and head towards Swanage. Do not take the Wareham Relief Road. Cross the River Piddle at the southern end of Wareham and look for the signs to Arne on the left. Turn towards Arne and keep going to the end of the road. The Nature Reserve is on the right along with the car park.

Photo Interests:- Birds, stunning views across Poole Harbour, birds, more birds and a large number of Sika deer. Rutting season apart these deer are very tolerant of photographers, but don't expect to get close enough to stroke them! Don't try anything dangerous during the rut, like most deer they haven't got much of a sense of humour in the nooky season. There are also apparently some Dartford Warblers resident although like Bitterns I've yet to glimpse one. Look up into the trees as there have been holes bored into the trunks for birds to nest in. In some cases these holes are below the branch line so some 'arriving and leaving' the nest site shots are possible.

Drawbacks:- None provided you like walking. Pay and display car park.