Blashford Lakes

Directions:- Take the A338 Ringwood Salisbury Road. About three miles North of Ringwood Blashford Lakes are sign posted . Turn right towards the New Forest and the Lakes Centre and car park are on the right.

Photo Interest:- Several Lakes and assorted hides make this an excellent area to hone your wild life photography. Parking and the use of the hides are free, although a donation should be considered. Some ones got to pay for all the bird seed! It's not unusual to see up to ten birds at one time on one of the big feeders, so there is plenty of scope for even a modest telephoto lens. The centre's staff are helpful and very knowledgeable regarding 'what's about' and a record is kept showing the whereabouts of anything out of the ordinary. Just ask. There are plenty of small animals to be found if you can keep quiet and still long enough. The rabbits are almost tame! There has been a Bittern nesting for the last couple of years which I'm told is rare this far South. I'm still waiting to see it, as it doesn't rush about much, and I get easily side tracked by the other birds and animals.

Drawbacks:- Tufted own personal nightmare! Three years in and I still can't get a decent shot of them. Can be muddy, walking boots or wellies are a must in inclement weather. You will need a thermos etc. if staying all day. Be prepared to do a lot of walking and don't hog the best photo spots in the hides all day, give others a chance.