Directions : Take the a 31 to Cadnam roundabout and turn right onto the A336. Keep heading South when the road becomes the A326. Follow Fawley signs towards Fawley Power Station. At Fawley Power Station turn onto the B3053 to Calshot. Follow the road to the end car park and park by the Castle.

Photo Interest : Cruise Liners and Container Ships come close inshore at this point and are easily photographed head-on, side-on and rear view. A wide angle lens will cope quite happily with most of the action. Evening light is fairly directional behind you although the area is prone to sea mist. Can sit in car if wet/cold. Mainly concrete and shingle, boots are not necessary. There is some cover behind buildings in inclement weather.

Drawbacks : All car parks are' pay and display'. The waters along Calshot beach are heavily used by wind surfers and kite enthusiasts who tend to get in the way of photography. Ship photography is therefore better in the area confined to the Castle and Watch Tower. The timings of cruise ship departures, whilst not being guaranteed, can be found on various web sites. Approximately 20 to 30 mins should be added to the departure time to allow the ships to reach Calshot. Should take thermos and packed food as there are no facilities in the area. Toilets are available in the Activity Centre.