Fawley Power Station

Directions:- Take A31 to Cadnum Roundabout and then take A338 and then the A326 . Follow Fawley signs and then the Calshot signs this will take you past the main entrance of the Power Station. This complex is a working environment and access is by arrangement only. Names and car numbers must be supplied prior to the day of the visit and it pays to leave at least half an hour for gate security measures before your official guided tour start time. Sturdy boots or shoes must be worn or you will not be allowed entry. Also if you have your own Hi-Viz jacket now is the time to take it with you. Visiting arrangements are made via email direct to Fawley power Station. Parking and the tour are free.

Photo Interest:- Very much an industrial photographers dream location with miles of pipes, generators, gear wheels and 'stuff' available. Wide angle lens a necessity although panoramics can be used if your lens isn't wide enough. The above is 5 shots of a 14mm lens stitched together. There is a lot of walking/stairs to negotiate ending up on the roof with a superb view of Calshot and the Solent which makes it all worth while. The tour takes at least a couple of hours and is mainly inside. However there is an outside part as well as the roof area, so if it's raining be prepared to get damp. The tour guides are very friendly and are used to dealing with camera fanatics. They seem to go out of their way to get you in all the right photo spots, and both the guides I've had (I've done this tour twice) were willing to hang around while I sorted out the controls of my new camera. I'd changed gear just prior to both visits!

Drawbacks : This is not a tour that you can just turn up for and expect to get in. Arrangements must be made prior to your visit and the details supplied must be correct. Like the L.T. Museum at Acton it pays to organise a party of at least eight. This means that you won't be 'added' to a school party of six year olds. My comments about footwear should not be taken lightly, as one of our party members arrived wearing sandals and was only allowed to take part wearing a rather fetching (not) pair of industrial boots, which didn't compliment her dress particularly well. The supplied Hi-Viz jackets seemed to be on the small size which is why I've got my own in a very large size. Ringwood Market or Ebay will get you one for about £3.00. They are also useful for sporting venues. This power station is scheduled for closure soon so don't leave it too long before going.

Contact:- diana.deans@rwenpower.com