Garter Service - Windsor

Directions:- A31 and M3 follow signs to Windsor Castle. Park in riverside car parks and allow for at least 4 hours on your parking ticket.

Photo interest:- British Pageantry at its best. Held in mid June on the Monday of Ascot Week. Plenty of uniforms, fashion hats and Royalty to photograph with the castle as a backdrop. Long lenses not really necessary unless you want to get in super tight. The above was taken on an 18 - 105mm. All visitors are confined to roped off box areas so it pays to be early to bag the front. Take a seat and water. Once the ceremony has started you can't leave. It also pays to have a strong bladder! There are usually at least four or more of the Royals in the procession which includes Bands, Knights of the Garter, Members of the Royal Household, Yeomen of the guard, Military Knights etc. The route is lined with the Household Cavalry in full dress uniform plus the Castle guard is turned out (Whatever Regiment is on ceremonial duties at the time).

Drawbacks:- This is a ticket only event and you will be searched prior to entry. Tickets should be requested from 'The Comptroller, The Royal Household, Windsor Castle, Windsor. Berkshire'. Apply in writing during January/February or you won't get a ticket, they go that fast. The tickets are free but please don't ask for more than you need, they are always in great demand. The main drawback is that you may be sitting in an area from where you can hear the bag pipes.........not nice! All car parks are pay and display.