Ringwood Cheetahs

Directions:- Take the Ringwood /Three legged Cross road past the entrance to Moors Valley and the RSPCA Centre. Just prior to the turn off for Woolsbridge Industrial Estate is a turning on the right signposted 'Car Boot Sale'. Turn right here and keep right past the Boot Sale car park. This track will lead to the Cheetahs race track.

Photo Interest:- Currently the web site is unavailable but I believe the club operates every other Sunday during the summer period. There is normally a sign placed on the roundabout at the top of the Bournemouth relief road on race days. This is a very low key motor sport event and it's easy to get close to the action. The pit area is well worth a visit if just to see oil covered blokes changing transmissions in a tenth of the time that is allocated by your local garage. Having said that I don't like the idea of my car being attacked with an angle grinder and a ten pound 'racing spanner' (hammer). The language can be a bit ripe so it's not for the faint hearted. Plenty of races through out the afternoon although the Seniors last race of the day creates the most carnage. Free parking close to the track.

Drawbacks :- It is very dusty during dry spells, so I wouldn't advise much, or any, lens changing - or it's dirty sensors all round. The limited information I have found on the club gives the spelling of 'cheetahs' in so many variations that tracking current info is not easy. I would recommend just waiting for the signs to be put out and then going, rather than planning an arranged visit.