Thruxton Race Track

Directions:- Follow the A338 from Ringwood, through Salisbury. Keep heading North and Thruxton is signposted just prior to reaching the A303. Signs will lead you to the main car park (grass but free) and the ticket offices are situated at the top of the car park hill.

Photo Interest:- Motor cycle/car/Truck racing is held throughout the year on designated dates. These can be found on the B.A.R.C. web site. Most events are held over two or three days. I have found that the first or 'practice'' day is better for club photography as there is always something on the track and the prices are much reduced. Also access to the pit area is included which gives a whole new range of photo opportunities. If motorcycles are your goal then I can recommend the Gloucester Club Racing Day held towards the Autumn. Loads of bikes and a nice 'laid back' atmosphere. Rules are stricter during 'Superbike, and B.T.C.C. race days and there is no 'price included' pit access. Bacon butties and coffee are available most days. As well as the stands (again free on practice days) there are large sloped mound areas that if you have a mountain goat constitution afford good vantage points for the chicane/start/finish areas.

Drawbacks:- If the wind is blowing you will get cold! Mostly tarmac or concrete but the mounds are grass and can be slippery in frosty/wet conditions.

If you can't 'pan' you will have trouble shooting the fast moving vehicles. The above bike was up in the 100-110 mph bracket. Having said that a day spent honing your panning skills here will have you fearing nothing that moves ever again.