Wimborne Folk Festival

Directions:- None needed. Just go to Wimborne and on the right week end there will be the Folk Festival. It goes on through out the week end and different events are held in different locations. The main dance areas are the Town Square and outside The Minster plus the roads radiating from them.

Photo Interest:- This is a dream event if you want to photograph people dressed up in odd costumes and for street photography in general. The Dance troupes circulate round the area giving displays at different locations on the given route. If you find a troupe that you particularly like it's possible to shoot them in different locations doing different dances. It pays to get there early as it can get crowded by lunch time. All the troupes have different costumes and a lot have individual make up within the troupe. The above young lady was a member of 'Bogart's Breakfast' from up on the North East Coast. All the troupe had similar colours but had individual marking overlaying the blue bass coat. I thought they were brilliant. Watch them on You Tube doing 'The impossible Dance'. There were about 20 troupes dancing on the day we were there which gave a multitude of photo opportunities.

7th-9th June 2013 is the time to be there.

Drawback:- Obviously the weather can make or break this event. Car parks are 'pay and display'. It can get very crowded after lunch.

Contact:- www.wimbornefolk.co.uk